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Herbal ball SPA and Herb yoga  is established to improve your energy balance, especially to condition female organs such as womb, ovaries and breasts.
Many leading therapy salons and midwifery centers in Japan have installed these methods. You can learn the way to heal women, your partner and family members and even beloved dogs.
Herb Yoga International and Herbal Ball International  both are comitted to work to empower lives of women and their families especially women during and after giving births.

What is Herb Yoga?

Herb yoga is a method of healing and shining femininity of all people. It was advocated in Thailand, Bangkok by Japanese Yoga-Therapy Leader Fumie & Kentaro Mune couple. Herb Yoga is popular in Japan and abroad. More than 10000 people have experienced mind-body improvement and life reform by the authorized therapist trainer so far.

Herb Yoga International was launched in 2014. The purpose of this organization is to promote well-being of people around the world through Herb Yoga and to support the creativity of our modern society. Herbal Ball International is a sister organization of Herb Yoga International. Mr. and Mrs. Mune, who are also leaders of herbal ball therapy, started this organization with the aim of enlightenment of lifestyle with herbal balls. Herbal Ball International is also engaged in the development of safe and high-quality herbal balls. Organic herb balls approved by this organization are used and supported by therapy salons and midwifery facilities throughout Japan.

Details for Workshop for mothers on 19th & 20th October

Meditation using Herbs to heal post-natal mind and body

October 19th Saturday from13:30 to 16:00

Asana using Herbal Ball to heal post-natal mind and body

October 20th Sunday from 13:30 to 16:00


Herbal Ball International at Nihombashi Bakurocho 1-3-3

It is close from the stations of Hibiya line, JR line, Asakusa line, Shinjuku line.

Prior reservation is essential.

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Voices of Herbal Ball SPA Therapy from Amy and Ben @ Tokyo

Fumie Mune, representative of Herb Ball International, interviews with Amy from US & Ben from Germany, who learned and experienced Herbal Ball SPA Therapy.

Herb Yoga For Life-Time Revolution

Since the start of teaching in 2008, tens of thousands have practiced herb yoga. A variety of hands-on stories are received every day on our daily basis. For example, as typical representative stories, the following can be cited from practitioners.

  • Boost of body temperature
  • Gynecological disappearance
  • Overcoming long time infertility and finally had pregnancy
  • For long time back pain has disappeared
  • Breast cancer disappeared
  • The slack in the face got lifted
  • The feud with my parents resolved
  • Deepening of Partnership

Let’s learn Herb Yoga with YouTube videos

Herb Yoga is not just a stretching exercise. It arranges waves of mind, body and relationships and makes the whole life shine. Here are some typical methods of Herb Yoga.

Tune-in Flower Meditation

Drawing-Zen: Tune-in Meditation

Shisebi Method: Datsuryoku

Shisebi Method:Tanden

Kotodama Work: Mantra

Asana with Herbal Ball

Seeding Meditation

Herbal Ball SPA Therapy

Herb ball SPA therapy is a therapy developed for women who live in modern times. Herb ball SPA therapy is a method for modern people, not herb ball therapy developed for ancient people in tropical and subtropical regions. By doing therapy according to the area and lifestyle, we encourage stress relief of internal organs / nerves / subtle body.


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  • Wanderlust:American Yoga Media
  • Yoga Journal Thailand
  • Yogini: Japanese Yoga Magazine
  • U-Magazine Hong Kong
  • and more


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We are publishing the wisdom of Herb Yoga, Meditation and Herbal Ball at the “Imi & Boyama TV” on the YouTube channel. We have over 100 uploaded videos and are blessed with a lot of viewers. Let’s subscribe to our YouTube channel and check the latest video. Live broadcasting is scheduled through streaming broadcasting in the future.

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