Herb Yoga Radiant Woman Training Course


This course is aimed to withdraw your hidden potential of natural healing power and making it possible to communicate with a sacred child within you(true self) on a daily basis, so that you will live more radiantly with convictions. We approach you as a whole human being including mental body, physical body and spiritual body(relationship) based on traditional oriental wisdom especially Japanese secrets.

You will learn not only how to balance female hormones in holistic ways but how to make it into your habits, so your reality changes dramatically.

Voice from our students

As a result of attending our courses, there are voices below:

” I had been diagnosed with a breast cancer. My doctor already planned an operation and medical treatment for me. But since I started committing Imisan’s advise on herb yoga, only 2 months later my cancer was gone!! My doctor was so surprised and canceled my operation and all medication programs.” N.M. from Tokyo

“My husband and I were having fertility treatments for about 10 years at the time. I was already 40 years so I decided to take Herb yoga training course for a last chance. As a result, my husband and I came to have a girl and 2 years later a boy too!! The results made us happy but the process of changing our relationship was even more remarkable. It is right to say that our souls are healed and returned to be a girl and boy so that we notice that we laugh more and the quality of conversations are deepened. Now we are convinced that my husband and I are soulmates meant be together and happy in this life.” Miho Hirata from Chiba


7 curriculum of Herb yoga has grown into a deep and vast knowledge system not only in the physical field but also in the fields of mind, human relationships, postures and lifestyle counseling, as it committed with thousands of clients.

Moreover, it is constantly evolving in a progressive form to match the flow of the times. This curriculum is divided into seven programs that allow you to fully learn the essence of herb yoga.  You will be reborn by the end of the course!


This course includes all below curriculum:

  • Herb yoga pranayama
  • Diet
  • Posture
  • Meditation
  • Herbal Ball SPA for healing Woman
  • Herb yoga Moon
  • Horoscope reading

Style of learning

  • Online assignments
  • Personal counseling
  • Personal coaching
  • Training days (6 times) either online or at Bakurocho


Fumie Mune, co-founder of both Herb Yoga and Herbal Ball International. She is an author of “Herb Yoga” and “Herbal Ball SPA Therapy”. She is one of the leading yoga and therapy trainer in Japan.

Fumie Mune

Method You Learn

1. Herb Yoga Pranayama

You can learn new-style meditation of Herb Yoga in this intensive program.

In the world of yoga, the energy that makes up the world is called prana, and the method of manipulating it is called pranayama. Breathing is the most common practice of this pranayama, but there are some parts that are difficult for beginners to practice yoga. Therefore, in this herb yoga pranayama teacher training course, anyone can easily control their breathing by linking breathing, movement and herb balls, and learn how to create a comfortable state at all times.

What was revealed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) this time was that people with underlying diseases of the respiratory system had lower immunity and could easily develop into serious situation. Nose and throat, which are the entrances to the respiratory system, are the parts that remove the virus, but this is very weak in people with lung diseases. In other words, it can be said that the power of the respiratory organs that interlock with the lungs, throat, nose, and diaphragm is the key to immunity.

I decided to introduce this secret method that I had secretly practiced long before I started my activity. If you master this, for 3 minutes a day, the skin will shine and the vitality in the body will not be aged. It is a method of raising the vitality based on the technique inherited from Chinese hermits. One of them is the technique called Shoshuten (Microcosmic orbit). This is a method that people who are doing qigong have always heard. It’s known, but most people haven’t tried how to do it effectively. Because it has been considered too difficult.

Herb Yoga Pranayama tells you how to inherit these essences and foster a truly strong and spiritual presence. You can practice all other asanas and spirals in another dimension by acquiring this mystery, posture and breathing. That is the point.

Voice from our students
“A fascinating experience. I learned many valuable practices useful to maintaining good health going forward from Thai & Japanse tradition. Many thanks for such interesting insight.”
Nataly M from USA.
Purpose :
  • Be aware of Qi energy inside of yourself
  • Learn the way to connect to herbs
  • Heal your inner child
  • Improve your sexual energy
  • Realize each chakras with 5 senses using hot herbal ball

What you learn

-Tune-in meditation to recover your 5 senses
-Drawing ZEN meditation
-Flower meditation
-Scent Meditation
-Posture Method called as “Shisebi”
-Mantra session as “Kotodama” to bring the word from your core
-Seeding meditation to connect your past-now-future

2. Herbal Ball SPA Therapy

Herb ball SPA therapy is a therapy that uses herb balls. Our book is published and is distributed throughout Japan as the bible of herbal ball treatment. The purpose of this course is to learn deeply about the natural remedies called herb balls, and to learn the contact between nature and human beings from ancient times. As a result, you will be able to understand the function of Qi (inspiration / sensitivity) through therapy.

By learning how to heal a person using Qi, you can open the route for herbal energy.You can learn about healing that is specialized for women. In particular, you can learn how to heal gynecological (female) diseases such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and uterine fibroids.

In addition, you can learn about advanced applications such as support for pregnancy and healing of menopausal disorders.Through this course, you will be able to understand the female body to properly heal yourself from two perspectives, modern Western and traditional Eastern medicine.

In this method, you can feel the Qi energy and enjoy the gift from nature. If you would like to explore the world of Qi energy and chakra, we recommend this program. We established this method for modern people in order to improve your energy balance, especially condition of female organs such as womb, ovaries and breasts.

On the contrary of herbal ball therapy spread in South Asia or Southeast Asia, our herbal ball SPA therapy is to heal internal organs and nervous-system. You can learn oriental body-perspective such as meridian and chakra in this program. You can learn Japanese Qi philosophy and practical therapy method, also.


-Learn a herbal ball therapy to heal women for new era
-Balancing Qi energy and all seven Chakras


  • Qi method for therapists
  • Shisebi vibration
  • Therapy for chakras
  • Therapy for female organs
  • Therapy for breast care
  • Tune-in meditation to connect yourself with herbs


Shisebi is a way to make our posture beautiful, and also to understand underlying your destiny from it.This method is our first book published in Japan.Although it is a simple method, it will make it possible to deepen the important techniques of herb yoga such as Kanso (imagination), Kanno(responding Qi ) and breathing by controlling daily use of the body. You can learn how to control your own mind and body 24 hours a day for 365 days.

Shise is written as “momentum” in “appearance.”It sounds weird because a posture seems to be stationary. I think people named it knew the truth that the energy that determines the direction of life lies in the posture. Our posture, even when at rest, gives rise to this life-determining fate-making energy without resting for one minute. Through posture aesthetics, you will be able to know the direction of your own energy. In other words, it means that you can understand the flow of destiny.

What we found by looking at the postures of many people is that the posture is the word itself.  At one point, it sounds like a scream.  In many of the postures, there lie the emotions and memories that have been killed.  The purpose of this course is to deepen your understanding of posture which is closely related to your life.

Learning how to read the meaning of language of “Shise” and we support creating the habit of understanding and affectionating underlying thoughts. Through the Shisebi method, I have witnessed many students sublimated the stagnation in their own distortions and begin to shine so clearly that anyone can see it.

4. ZEN Diet and Lifestyle

Herbal yoga has no mere muscle or stretch exercises. It includes holistic learning that affects your entire life. Especially controlling the three waves of appetite, sleep and excretion is important. If you do not prepare for these essential parts of life, you will not be able to improve your body-constitution and beauty.

In the diet method, you will learn about diets for detox such as brown rice and vegetable juice, and also about carnivorous diet to keep your body and mind young. Herb yoga does not use extreme dietary restrictions or diets. Therefore, you may eat meat and fish, and dairy products. It also includes sugar. Even so, many people changed their lives by detoxifying and sometimes even lose weight. Changing your attitude on food, sleep, and excretion can be a big discovery.


  • What is GREEN Shokubiho?
  • Breakfast habits for detox Lunch and dinner for beauty
  • Handling meat products
  • Treatment of sugar
  • Fat handling
  • Handling of fermented foods and fungi
  • Let’s detox your refrigerator


  • Let’s reaffirm the importance of sleep
  • Herbal yoga nidra for deep sleep
  • What are the habits of deep sleep


  • How many times a day should I go to toilet?
  • What is detox?
  • How to take 3 times a day without resorting to medications
  • Keeping the intestines beautiful = youth

5. Herb Yoga Meditation

Is it true to “meet your destiny” through meditation? When it comes to meditation, I think many people practice it for relaxation. Or some people will practice to focus. That’s right, of course, but it’s not the only effects of meditation. Doing it properly and making it a habit will change your thinking patterns.

By gradually healing your thought patterns, you can change the way you face other people. As a result, a great change in human relationships will occur, so you will be lead to destined encounters. And of course, you will deepen the bond with the people close to you and find out that they are indispensable to your life.

Meditation program table of contents

  • Introduction to meditation: Why is meditation so popular around the world?
  • Three kind of herbal yoga meditations
  • Healing Meditation: What is Healing Meditation?
  • Awareness Meditation: What is Mindfulness?
  • Focused Meditation: What is a Mantra?
  • Mercy Meditation: A Five Minute Miracle That Trains Your Personality
  • Healing your relationship with money through meditation
  • How to heal and change patterns of your communication with meditation
  • What is regression meditation in the past life?
  • How to make conversations with your dreams
  • How to make meditation habits

6. Herb Yoga Lunar

Moon Herb Yoga is a program for women to adjust the energy balance by doing herb yoga according to the rhythm of the moon in your body = menstrual cycle. This is to release women from the unpleasant symptoms caused by gynecological diseases such as menstrual pains and unstable hormones balances.This Moon herb yoga greatly influences the balance of female hormones and affects the energy balance in the body, thus contributing to a great change in the relationship between the practitioner’s mind and body.

Herb Yoga Lunar program Contents

  • What is Moon Herb Yoga
  • Detoxifying your period Moon Herb Yoga
  • Adjusting to ovulation Moon herb yoga
  • Smooth ovulation Moon Herb Yoga
  • How to control PMS

Herb Yoga Lunar in Japanese

7. Horoscope

A feature of the Herb Yoga training course is that you can also learn about stars, or astrology. It can be said that astrology is a kind of statistics that understands how one person or society is affected by the flow of stars. We have been studying astrology for many years, and certainly the stars have a great influence on our subconsciousness. By knowing the horoscope, you will be able to understand your weaknesses and become aware of your strengths.  This is the same for relationships with people around you. You will learn to know that even the helpless parts of your partners and family existed for certain teachings.

As a result, you can forgive yourself. You will stop judging yourself for being a “stupid person.” So you can be kind to yourself. And you can be kind to others. As many people have experienced, when I learned about horoscopes, it made me feel like the spines stuck in my chest slipped out, and made me cry. This is the biggest advantage of learning horoscopes.

Learning Table of Contents:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Mune read your stars (horoscope)
  • Horoscope reading comprehension basics


1-3-3 Nihombashi Bakuro-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 1030002

The venue is in our building built in 1950’s located in Bakuro-cho, Nihombashi. The location is called “Brooklyn” in Tokyo.


    • Herb yoga and meditation teacher certification
    • Herbal ball SPA Therapist certification

    *This course is a certification course for a therapist and a yoga and meditation teacher with online assignments at the same time we give you personal coaching and counseling for deeper healing and learning.

    *Examination for each program fee 5000 yen + tax *Certificate fee for each program 5000 yen


    This course includes online materials(about 3-hour lecture movies each) and actual training days(once 1 a month) for 6 months. *The schedule can be adjusted later

    Learning materials

    • Online Movies
    • Online texts

    *all in English

    Qualification to join

    This program is for non Japanese people who speak English.

    Both experienced or beginners of Yoga and therapy are welcome

    Tuition Fee

    Yes, there are a lot of contents!
    But these are minimum to cover all you need to learn.
    For my Japanese students, they paid twice as much, but I will give you discount for half.

    Normal price 450,000 yen to Discounted 220,000 yen + tax until May 8th

    * 6500+tax yen for herbal ball material

    *can pay by credit cards or bank transfer

    How to Apply

    • Apply via E-mail in the following contact form
    • Tuition Fee Transfer (as scholarship)
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