Herb Yoga & Herbal Ball SPA Therapist Training in Tokyo, Japan

Herb Yoga Academy: Scholarship & Internship Program

We would like to announce you the starting of the  first time in Japan Herb yoga teacher training program and Herbal Ball SPA Therapist training program with Scholarship and Paid-internship.


Herb Yoga and Herbal Ball SPA Therapy are consisted of Asian natural remedy, Yoga, Zen-Buddhism, ZEN-art, Tea ceremony and Japanese-specific animism. More than ten thousand of people have practiced these method. Herb Yoga is different from any other style of Yoga. Herbal Ball SPA Therapy is also different from Thai-Massage Therapy or Ayurveda Therapy but it is the truly holistic method which connects you with tradition and nature. We have published several Japanese books on our methods.

Many practitioners have improved their physical health. For examples, they have overcome infertility, breast cancer and so many other illnesses. In addition, they have improve mental health also and human relationship through talking to their sacred children living within.

At this moment, we start the ambassador program to spread the method and concept of Herb Yoga and Herbal Ball SPA therapy in the world.  Therefore it is the first and the last opportunities for scholarship and paid-internship program. 


Fumie Mune, co-founder of both Herb Yoga and Herbal Ball International. She is an author of “Herb Yoga” and “Herbal Ball SPA Therapy”. She is one of the leading yoga and therapy trainer in Japan.

Fumie Mune

Method You Learn

1. Herb Yoga

You can learn new-style meditation of Herb Yoga in this intensive program. For example, you can talk with your inner child and improve your imaginary power in the session of drawing meditation. You can find your True-self (Atman) and learn the way to heal your body and mind.

Voice from our students
“A fascinating experience. I learned many valuable practices useful to maintaining good health going forward from Thai & Japanse tradition. Many thanks for such interesting insight.”
Nataly M from USA.
Purpose :

-Be aware of Qi energy inside of yourself
-Learn the way to connect to herbs
-Heal your inner child
-Improve your sexual energy
-Realize each chakras with 5 senses using hot herbal ball

What you learn

-Tune-in meditation to recover your 5 senses
-Drawing ZEN meditation
-Flower meditation
-Scent Meditation
-Posture Method called as “Shisebi”
-Mantra session as “Kotodama” to bring the word from your core
-Seeding meditation to connect your past-now-future

>>For more information of Herb Yoga International, please click here.

2. Herbal Ball SPA Therapy

In this method, you can feel the Qi energy and enjoy the gift from nature. If you would like to explore the world of Qi energy and chakra, we recommend this program. We established this method for modern people in order to improve your energy balance, especially condition of female organs such as womb, ovaries and breasts.

On the contrary of herbal ball therapy spread in South Asia or Southeast Asia, our herbal ball SPA therapy is to heal internal organs and nervous-system. You can learn oriental body-perspective such as meridian and chakra in this program. You can learn Japanese Qi philosophy and practical therapy method, also.


-Learn a herbal ball therapy to heal women for new era
-Balancing Qi energy and all seven Chakras


-Qi method for therapists
-Shisebi vibration
-Therapy for chakras
-Therapy for female organs
-Therapy for breast care
-Tune-in meditation to connect yourself with herbs

*We give you a certificate as herbal ball spa therapist or and Herb yoga teacher if you take examination on different day after you complete this program.

*Examination for each program fee 5000 yen + tax *Certificate fee for each program 5000 yen


Herbal Ball SPA Therapy: 28th-29th September 2019 (2 days) 10:00~17:30 for each day

Herb Yoga: 19th-20th October 2019 (2 days) 10:00~17:30 for each day


1-3-3 Nihombashi Bakuro-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 1030002

The venue is in our building built in 1950’s located in Bakuro-cho, Nihombashi. The location is called “Brooklyn” in Tokyo.

    Qualification to join

    This program is for non Japanese people who speak English.

    Both experienced or beginners of Yoga and therapy are welcome

    Tuition Fee

    • Our tuition fee for Herb yoga teacher training certified program in Japanese is 108000 yen + Tax.
    • Our tuition fee for Herbal Ball SPA therapist Training certified program in Japanese is also 108000 yen + Tax.

    Scholarship Program

    This Scholarship program for English speakers will cover 90 percent of the tuition fee.
    Therefore you can join the program with only 10800 yen+tax (1664 yen) for each program.
    Qualification for scholarship: non Japanese English speaker (speak and understand English business level)

    Internship Program

    We have paid internship for the program.
    Participants who accepted to the internship, will cost no tuition fee and will be paid 10000 yen for 2 days commitment.
    Qualification for internship: must meet all three of them
    1. Native English speaker, or high level of English skill to check teaching materials of the programs
    2. Experience in yoga and therapy practice
    3. Have passions on cultures of Asia and Japan

    How to Apply

    • Apply via E-mail in the following contact form
    • Examination for scholarship or internship
    • Tuition Fee Transfer (as scholarship)
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